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100% Cloud based software allows you to arrange COVID clinics at remote locations..


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Collect all patients info and CDC consent forms online, avoid in person paperwork. 7 years cloud backup.


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Support is one phone call away. Can provide customization if needed for your unique needs.

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Resil Health

Resil Health provides an affordable, convenient and above all a seamless private scheduling platform in coalition with a strong network of healthcare partners such as licensed pharmacy professionals, clinical laboratories and consulting physicians. Our COVID-19 vaccine and test appointments can be booked by individuals, by employers for their workforce safety and event managers for their attendees. Reliable testing and verification are essential to check the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus, for our recovery from the pandemic and our return to work as safely and quickly as possible.

We are deeply committed towards our small contribution to the safety of our communities.

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A Network of Licensed Pharmacies and Laboratories, use Our Platform to make Covid-19 Testing an Attentive and Seamless Experience.

Automatic 2nd Appointment Logic based on the vaccine manufacturer to issue second appointment.

SupportPhone and Email support for any questions.

State reporting We provide state reporting for vaccination and testing.

Interface Our platform connects pharmacies, pharmacy software, state public health registries & laboratories

Customization Have specific needs? We can do any modifications needed to match your needs.

Preconfigured No need to setup any forms or logics.

Payment We collect and reconcile the payment for private payers.

Hassle Free Entire documentation process for vaccination and testing is done online.